Is your child's goal to become a doctor?

LIVE Webinar on BS/MD Admissions Process

When: Wednesday, June 12 at 9 PM EST/8 PM CST/6 PM PST

Dive Deep into the World of Accelerated BS/MD Programs and Discover How to Craft an Outstanding High School Profile.

Our Success Stories

Our expertise is based on experience. Each year we see what it takes to get accepted.

We know the profile of accepted students and can help your child to have the best shot at acceptance.

Our students were accepted into:

  • Harvard University Pre-med Program

  • Texas A&M EnMed Program with full-tuition

  • Augusta University BS/MD Program

  • Saint Louis University BS/MD Program

Pre-med Programs:

  • Vanderbilt Pre-med Program

  • Johns Hopkins Pre-med Program (Full-ride)

  • NYU Pre-med Program

  • Case Western University Pre-med program with a scholarship!

What Will You Learn From Live Webinar onBS/MD Program

Requirements for Getting Into a BS/MD Program

How to Get Into a BS/MD Program: Application Components

Is a BS/MD Program Right for You?

Why do parents need to proper for BS/MD program?

Did you know that combined medical program applications are built over years, not days?

As a parent, do you want to make sure you're ready for competitive BS/MD admissions by senior year? Prepare with Pre-Application advice. Coach Jo focuses on differentiating our students from the “crowd” because competitive applicants to BS/MD programs all have high grades, top scores, and strong extracurriculars.

We focus on the following:

  • Academic course planning and strategy with Gifted Gabber's Golden Rectangle Formula.

  • Volunteer and extracurricular Advising.

  • Conducting Research and writing a scientific journal under the guidance of Professor.

  • Physician shadowing opportunities.

  • Summer program search.

  • Application advising and Essay help.

Why do parents need to attend this LIVE BS/MD Webinar?

Exclusive Insider Access: A Fresh Perspective - The Success Story of a BS/MD Program Scholar

At the LIVE Webinar, discover the Success Story of a Student Who Secured a BS/MD Program Spot with a $125K Scholarship

Don't Miss Your Chance to Learn How!

Meet your Instructor

Coach Jo, The face behind the brand!

Jothsna Kethar is CEO of Gifted Gabber, College Counselor, and Academic Coach. Her unique and effective coaching techniques have helped many teens with study skills, time management, organization, effective communication, and academics. She specializes in coaching teens for High School/College success.

She completed her College Counseling course at UC Berkeley. Building a customized college list is her specialty. Her students have landed in Ivy league colleges such as Harvard, and Cornell, also landing in affordable colleges,
winning merit aid/scholarships to the tune of over 2 million dollars in total.

🎓 What do successful students have to say?

"I would recommend this for anyone applying to colleges because Coach Jo helps your application stand out and look very professional. With her help there is definitely a better chance of getting into the colleges you desire."


"The sessions were super helpful for me in keeping track of everything I needed to finish. Coach Jo helped me meet deadlines and brainstorm essays when I had no direction for what to write. Additionally, the resume building and making sure I checked boxes that colleges wanted to see was really amazing."


"Coach Jo helps organize and plan out your application which makes submitting college applications a lot easier."


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When: Wednesday, June 12 at 9 PM EST/8 PM CST/6 PM PST